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Washington Examiner - Police create super PAC to target ‘defund’ politicians

America’s police are pushing back.

Under assault by the liberal “defund movement” pushed by Black Lives Matter, police associations from several cities have formed a federal super PAC to tackle politicians that support efforts to cut policing and police funds.

The Protect and Serve PAC will jump into races “where there is a clear distinction between candidates who embrace the disastrous policy of ‘defunding the police’ and those who recognize the central role law enforcement plays in keeping our cities and neighborhoods safe,” according to a statement.

It is headed by Fort Worth Police Officers Association President Manny Ramirez, who helped defeat a city measure to end a sales tax that has helped to fund law enforcement since 1995.

Of the effort, he said, “There is a direct correlation between modern reductions in crime and the resources that we put towards that effort. It is outrageous that some American cities are now seeing decades of crime-fighting progress evaporate, leaving residents exposed to violent crime.”

Several recent polls have shown little support for the defund the police movement that started after George Floyd died while in the custody of Minneapolis police, a death that sparked weeks of sometimes violent protests in several cities.

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