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AUDIO: KRTH 720AM News Radio - Police and Supporters Create New Super PAC for Pro-Police Politicians

Police associations from America’s largest cities are coming together to create a new super PAC called Protect and Serve. The goal is to financially support political candidates who back law enforcement and their families.

Police officers, friends, family, and supporters are pushing back against liberal efforts to defund law enforcement. And they're doing it with their wallets.

Protect and Serve. It's not just a mission, but now it’s the name of a new super PAC. The Protect and Serve PAC organizers say their goal is to identify which political candidates support Black Lives Matter's call to ‘Defund the police’ and financially back their opponents who support law enforcement. The new PAC is headed by Fort Worth police officers association president Manny Ramirez.

“What we’ve seen in those cities where they’ve tried to defund their police departments and where they’ve tried to drastically claw back their enforcement effort, we’ve seen crime skyrocket through the roof, and it’s very concerning, not just for us, but for our average American citizen,” Ramirez said.

In just one week, he says they've gotten positive responses from people in two dozen states.

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